Virtual chamber to escape

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Game Info: Virtual chamber to escape

Click “NEW GAME” to start the game, mouse operation, the appropriate place in the point of triggering the plot or made ​​props. Point edge position of the screen can be rotated visual inventory to below, select and then choose to use where, and then click inventory to the same props, that is, put away the props. If it is a direct point of the props on the i icon is to look at the props, this time point some of the props, you canchange the props status or view further.


How to Play:

Tips: 1,.the box of a point on the ground, the key one in the box behind. 2, turn right, stippling, A small battery in the lower left corner of the painting, while the key 1 inserted into the key hole, point key a concealed compartment open, which was the key 2. 3, turn right at the point of the chair, point the bottom left of a chair, stool above the get pieces of paper 1, and then point the chair right below, a small battery in the lower right corner next to the wood above. 4, turn right at the point of a dark cell, point the lower right corner button to open the concealed compartment, which was the test tube, to see a piece of paper, open the paper to see the above two patterns, Figure meaning long to open the first 10 seconds press the button two dark cell, the point of the second dark grid paper a prompt to open the concealed compartment, which have gold brick. 5, turn right at the point of the floor of the box, with a key to open the two lock boxes, which have the envelope, knife, laser, flashlight, dice, and the color of the box bottom right corner of color box and remember letters (random) . Point plug, view the saber, choose the first shell of the plug removed, view the saber, choose the third, and removed the screws on both sides of the plug, point plug removed the plug, which was a small battery. Point the lower right corner of the floor, the activities of the board, the board fixed the Brick on the activities, view the saber, select the first line in the activities of the board cut, back BRIC point activities of the board activities of the board to win, which have purple lights. 6, turn right, view the saber, select the fourth, breaking out of the piston of the test tube, inside the piece of paper 2. View the paper, open the paper, written XX = (random). View the laser flashlight, three small battery into the laser flashlight, laser flashlight, shot some of the numbers and letters, XX, according to the tips of the paper two figures instead of XX, R and L, respectively right and left (random), dark Gerry safe point password plate, enter the password method: 48R25L is the first password plate right to go to the 48 position, then the password disk to the left go to the 25 position inside the music box, open wrench. 7, view the music box, adjust the position of five buttons (random) point button to playback straight to hear the five highest tone press the second button opens the music box, inside the piece of paper 3, with prompt , magnets and wrench combination wrench into his hole in the battery to suck it up, view the saber, choose the first, open the music box again, with a knife cut off the magnet of the speaker to view the wrench magnet affixed to the pull handle the following The point of the chair, the chair around the screws to remove to get the screws (useless), the chair aside, the point four-hole ground, with a wrench four batteries to suck it up. 8, purple lights, four batteries into the purple light, view the BRIC BRIC violet lamp to come to the GO = (random), turn right at the point of plug into the purple lamp hole, draw the LU = (random), turn right at the point of activity board, violet lamp hole, draw the OD = (random), turn right, point the safe dark Gerry, opened with purple lights shining into the safe draw of CK = (random). View the envelope, opened the envelope the letter reads: GOOD LUCK. Violet light according to the letter, the connection between letters is: . - |. . | G O O D . . X- L, U-C K |. . | . - Get the equation instead of the letter, if the GO = a1, the LU = d4, OD = b3, CK = a1, then: . - |. . | a 1 b 3 . . X- d 4 a 1 |. . | . - Connection, the result is: a3, a1, b4, d1. 9, paper 3, open the paper, written eight numbers and letters, the right of the seal, look at the left, to remember them (random). 10, turn right at the point of the first dark Gerry password box, violet lamp button to see the keys, the order is: CDEFGAB. Color and the letters get in the box to enter a password, get the key 3, view the dice, dice six sides with violet lamp, Indigo, 1:00, 2:00, blue and green 3:00 Red 4:00 5:00 purple, yellow 6:00, points the second password box in a dark Gerry, the first has been too long and buttons, and the order of remember (random), then follow in order to lose the points just from dice, methods : In nine grid, the points look like you can, pay attention to each end point of according to the long button to get the key, turn right, the wall of violet lamp box above, identify the specific location of the circle open dark cell, point dark Gerry password box, from left to right is ABCD, from top to bottom is 4321, from the envelope of digital and paper tips, point out the corresponding eight-point may be the key 5 . 11, the box of a point on the ground, with the keys 3, 4, 5, insert a small box on three key hole to open the door to. 12, turn left, the door fitted with sliding door to door, complete Reminder: The best random thing or things in mind, so as not to forget.

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