Snow White Find the Alphabets

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  1. sanya says:

    very bad game……start hi nahi hoti hai…..very bad
    reall wanted to play this game

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Game Info: Snow White Find the Alphabets

Snow White’s seven dwarfs in the back garden of their home in what is busy in it, when she played the original Snow White Dwarfs English teacher, and she was going to Snow White and Prince Charming together own go around the world, and the Seven Dwarfs they want, but they do not speak English, so she had to Snow White when their teacher, teach them English, in order to allow the dwarfs can remember this number rapidly English alphabet, the lovely Snow White came up with a very interesting little game, this is Snow White find the Alphabets game, who can quickly identify which some of the letters, who sorted out with Snow White to travel together. Who will follow the last Snow White to travel it, let us look at it! A very interesting little game , Snow White Find the Alphabets game.

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