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Game Info: Girls looking for letters

Letters of the alphabet originated from the Latin alphabet, Latin alphabet originates from the Greek alphabet Greek alphabet evolved from the Phoenician abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz alphabet.
The Phoenician is the eastern Mediterranean’s ancient civilizations, its location is roughly equivalent to today along the coast of Lebanon and Syria. “Phoenician” is the title of the Greeks in this region, meaning “purple country rich purple dye, because of the places named. The Romans called the “Punic”.
About the 13th century BC, the Phoenicians created the history of mankind’s first letter text, a total of 22 letters (vowels). This is the Phoenicians, the great contribution to human culture. The Phoenician alphabet is the beginning of the letter text. In the West, it is derived from the ancient Greek alphabet, which in turn developed into the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic letters. The Greek alphabet and the Latin alphabet is the letter the basis of all Western countries. In the East, it is derived from the Ala Meiya letters, which evolved India, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and other ethnic letters. Chinese Uighur, Mongolian, Manchu alphabet is thus evolved.
According to research, the Phoenician alphabet is developed based on ancient Egyptian pictographic writing. In ancient Egypt, the “A” is that the picture of the “cow”; the “B”, said the picture of “home” or “yard”; “C” and “G” is the picture said, “Colt”; the “D” said the picture of the doors; the “E” represents a “raised their hands and shouting” picture; the “F”, “V”, “Y” is a picture that represents the “sticks” or “support rods”; ” that a flax volume picture; the “I”, said the expanded picture of the hand “;” K “is a picture that represents the” palm “;” M “is the picture said” water “;” N that picture of the “snake”; “O” is a picture that represents the “eyes”; a “P”, said the picture of the “mouth”; “Q” said that the picture of the “loops”; “R” is the “head “picture;” S “and” X “that the picture of the” hills “or” fish “; the” T “is the picture of the” vertical cross-shaped; the “Z” is said to “pry” or “Arrow” picture. In the 2nd century BC, the Latin alphabet has 23 letters. Later the sake of carving and handwriting convenience and to make the vowel “V” and consonant “V” phase difference, put the bottom of the original “V” into a round as the vowel “U”; two “V-link conjure up a to do consonant with the” W “,” W “is a thing of the 11th century. Later it was again the “I” little change while others hit a consonant the letter “J”. So, plus the original 23-letter “U”, “W”, the three-letter “J”, constitute the 26 letters of the alphabet. The Middle Ages, the Latin alphabet in shape, and later Western text (of course including English) are evolved.

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